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Who We Are

Whether in banking, healthcare, insurance, customer loyalty or retail - we have encountered hundreds of data challenges.

With over thirty years in the data industry we've seen everything from small data, big data, realtime data. Data can be incorrect, missing, messy or just needs better understanding. Synthetica takes all that experience and makes it available to you. Whether on premises or on the cloud, we can help bring value to the data you have.

Our Values

The Synthetica Ethos

It's a Partnership

While we've developed the core AI data models we are aware that our customers are our partners. We work closely to ensure the requirements of the customer are met to the highest quality.

Tacit Domain Knowledge

Domain experts drive data quality, you know the domain of your data. We work with you to understand the domain and the craft the outcomes expected from the data.

Synthetica Adds Value and Understanding

Data can be difficult to understand, clean, deduplicate and synthesise. The Synthetica Data Platform gives our customers better control of their data.


We excel at adding value to data.

Repair Missing Data with Synthetica's AI

Intelligent Deduplication at Scale

Anonymisation at Scale

In Flight Streaming Data Repair

Data Augmentation

Data Bias Balancing with synthetic data.


Jason Bell

Founder of Synthetica Data

Author of two machine learning books, specialises in data and has assisted dozens of companies with their data journey. Jason is also an Open UK Ambassador and Confluent Community Catalyst.

Jason Bell has been working with customer centric data since 2002 and been involved in software development for over 30 years. A curious problem solver he has created many open source projects based on Hadoop, Machine Learning and Recommendation Systems. He has also contributed to Sparkling, the Spark wrapper for the Clojure language. During 2014 he wrote the book Machine Learning – Hands on for Developers and Technical Professionals for Wiley, the second edition was released in February 2020.

Ever enthused by the data around us Jason talks on BigData, points, gamification and how group deals can hurt. One of his recent presentations linked eHarmony, regression data mining, sweatpeas, Darwin and the Tesco Clubcard together in one big swoop.

Jason was section editor for Java Developer’s Journal, a writer on IBM DeveloperWorks, the Belfast Telegraph and written about BigData for Ulster Business magazine. He’s also delivered the odd keynote on the realities of Big Data, using Hadoop and trained various organisations in Big Data technologies.

He specialises in data, data cleaning and enriching data for AI model generation. Synthetica Data was called "A one to watch" as one of the Artificial Intelligence cluster of companies in Northern Ireland. An in-demand speaker, Jason also presents to many conferences and meetups on data, data quality and artificial intelligence.


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